How Early is Too Early?


With the end of Halloween and October and the beginning of November, people debate whether or not to celebrate Christmas and when the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music is. Some believe that listening to Christmas music should start right after Halloween while others believe it should wait until after Thanksgiving. Throughout the day students were asked what their opinions were and these were their responses.

”I think that right after October ends, the Christmas season begins and that is immediately when I start listening to Christmas music and putting up my Christmas decorations,” said Emma Blaum ‘24.

Fellow GHS student Emma Duncan ‘26 agrees that  “When Halloween is over there is no need to wait for Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas.” She added that ”If I could, I would listen to Christmas music all year round.”

While some students agree that Christmas music should be played anytime after Halloween most of the students thought differently. Many of the students when asked about what they thought about the matter agreed that Christmas music should wait until after Thanksgiving.

“I think that Thanksgiving needs its time to shine,” said Mikayla Knautz ‘24. ”The Christmas season gets a whole month while Thanksgiving only gets a day.” Knautz added, ”I think it’s okay to listen to Christmas music occasionally but frequent listening should happen in December.”

Agreeing with Knautz Emma Northrup ‘24 said, ”I love Christmas don’t get me wrong but I think that every holiday deserves its time, and Thanksgiving is often looked over by people who are way too excited about the Christmas season.”

A total of 20 people were asked and the final results for whether it is appropriate to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving was 20%, yes, and 75% no. The final 5% was an undecided answer. It turns out that the majority think that the Christmas celebrations should be held off a little while longer.