Outstanding Student – Jose Hernandez Herrera


Bravo! Jose Hernandez Herrera receives the Rotary Student of the Quarter award. His exemplary behavior, leadership skills, and academic excellence make him a deserving recipient of this award. Herrera was nominated by many of his teachers and attended a luncheon at the DeSoto House on February 17. “Receiving this award was very special to me,” he said.


The Galena Rotary brought back the Sophomore Student of the Quarter award. This award recognizes sophomore students for their efforts to improve academically and acknowledges their hard work to become a mature, active individual in the school and community.
The Galena High School desires to recognize those students to encourage them to continue their efforts at improvement. The nomination can be based on academic advancement, community service, character and development, sports, and club activities.
The student nominated for the first quarter was Jose Hernandez Herrera! Jose is a student that every school wishes they had a million of due to his positive attitude and amazing character.
In his Heritage Spanish class, “Jose goes out of his way to talk to students that do not have many friends in the class,” said Mr. Hendricks. “He has helped our Guatemalan students without being asked and has made them feel welcome in our classroom.”
Jose is always looking for ways to help around the school. In Art class, Mrs. T said, “he always walks in and asks how I am doing, works hard, and helps his classmates. He is super solid!” The praise for Jose is endless, as he is always putting a smile on everyone’s face.
Jose greatly enjoys English class with Mrs. Bookless because she is always in a positive mood and it makes everyone else’s day better. “Jose is such a positive young man. He is polite and kind, and he has such a great attitude,” said Mrs. Bookless. “Every time he sees me, he says hello, asks me how I’m doing, and gives me a fist bump. It makes my day every time.” Jose not only cares about his classmates, but he truly cares about his teachers as well.
“Jose has really matured, and become a polite and kind young man. He works so hard to do well in school, is respectful toward all of his classmates, and takes ownership of his decisions,” said Mrs. McIntyre. “He is a true pleasure to have in class, and a wonderful example for his peers.”
“When Mrs. Deppe pulled me into her office, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” said Jose. “Learning that I had won this award made me feel very good about myself and proud of the person I have become.”
Jose would like to thank all of his classmates, teachers, family members, and friends that have all helped him become the person he is today. He would especially like to thank his father who has made a large impact on his life.