2020-2.0: Galena Schools Spend Snow Days on Google Meet


Galena High School has never really been one for snow days. Schools around us cancel for many little things but our tough pirates brave the cold and snow many days to get to work and school. However, recent weather events have changed this. The past three weeks, there have been three remote learning snow days. It certainly has felt like a flashback to the 2020 COVID year with online learning. But, that simply means that students and staff were ready and able to continue to be successful while doing work online.

E-learning was the alternative used for snow days this year as construction on the new middle school forced the last day of school to be on a certain day. A regular snow day must be made up at the end of the year but Galena schools didn’t have the option of pushing the final day back. Therefore, remote learning was the only option.

Many students and staff didn’t mind remote learning because it was an easier alternative to going to school regularly. Students and teachers got to work from the comfort of their homes while still getting work done. Many also got done with work early and could take advantage of the snow day in their time off. After e-learning for so long during COVID, this was a simple switch for Galena schools.

The first day of these e-learning days was on February 9 when Galena was put under a winter storm watch. Students and teachers prepared for this early on and were able to continue to do work on their B day classes. Students logged in online to take attendance with their teachers and either did a meet to participate in the lesson or were let go to do their work independently.

“One positive of the remote-COVID year was having all students and staff adapt to Google Classroom. That year has made these e-learning days stress free,” said Mrs. Rosenthal. “What I find most difficult is determining the workload for my students. Of course they need to be pushed but I try to keep in mind that they too deserve some R&R. My experience so far has been smooth, which proves how well we’ve adjusted as a district. Kudos to all!”

Students went back to school refreshed from their snow day and went on with their everyday routines. Until another snow storm hit.

On another Thursday. Another B day. Another Winter Storm Watch. Students had another online learning day on February 16. After having the exact same scenario the previous week, students and staff were well prepared for another day of e-learning with the same classes. “I like e-learning because it allows me to work at my own pace and gives me time to do other class work if needed,” said Sam Eaton ‘23.

After two weeks in a row, and two Thursdays in a row coincidently, Galena students and staff never really thought there would be any more cancellations. After all, they weren’t used to many cancellations to begin with so they knew it must be the end of snow days for a while.

But the weather once again had other plans. An ice storm warning was put in place for February 22 through the 23. Another e-learning day was called, this time on an A day. This was nice for students as they got to do different classes online instead of the same B day classes. It was also nice for teachers because it didn’t allow for their B day classes to get even more behind. “I like that e-learning allows me to catch up in some classes while also still having a full day of learning,” said Reagan Simpson ‘23.
Whether there are more e-learning days in our future or not, Galena students and staff have enjoyed many snow days recently and can come back rested and refreshed from some unexpected time off from school. Just look out for whatever Mother Nature has in store next!