Seniors stress over college applications

After three (very long) years of late nights filled with homework, writing essays, doing projects, and studying for tests, the time has come for the class of 2016 seniors to apply to colleges, apply for scholarships, and prepare for their future.
By October 15th schools that have not already begun to review applications begin the process. This can be a very stressful time for seniors as they try to finish and submit applications and meet deadlines, all while also balancing their senior year class load and possibly sports or work, or both.
Gage Soat explained that the hardest part about the application process is trying to make time to visit colleges and ensuring that transcripts have been sent and received by schools. Soat has applied to Elmhurst University, Augustana College, and Drake University.
The worst part according to Natalie Ricke is, “Waiting to see if I’m accepted or not.” Ricke has applied to several schools of which include University of Illinois in Springfield, Bradley University, and University of Minnesota.
The application process includes the actual application, sometimes an essay, often schools recommend or require letters of recommendation. Your transcripts and test scores also have to be sent before the school will even review your application.
Rickie’s advice to juniors who will be applying next year is, “Keep your options open and look to see what other schools offer.”
Soat explained that when applying don’t just focus on the money aspect of things. You almost always will not have the pay that outrageous tuition price listed on the website, after scholarships and grants.
Some seniors decide against the traditional idea of college and go into the military, such as Jessica Folks. Folks decided that she wanted to join the Air Force. She explained that her reasoning for deciding on that was her father. college