Craaaazy traditions!

A seasonal survey has been conducted at Galena High School to ferret out holiday traditions that the students have.
And the results are in…ham is a very popular holiday food. “Ham is very important at the Drags’ house,” Bailey Dragusica, junior, said.
Jennifer Lopez, sophomore, said, “We have to have purple grapes and a big dinner,” and the Hollands have prime rib for their family supper. Meatballs also seem to be a popular food among GHS students. AJ Rodriguez, sophomore, has a family potluck.
Plus, what is Christmas without the cookies? Favorites at Galena High School include peanut butter blossoms, sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles, cut-out cookies, oreo balls, snicker doodles, haystacks, gingersnaps, and butter cookies.
Is your mouth watering yet? Let’s go take a seat by the chimney, which is where many GHS students hang their stockings, with care, of course, if not on the staircase railing or simply in any spot they can find in their living room.
While we’re here, let’s admire the tree and our decorations. Many of us students hang wreaths, garland, and lights all over the inside and outside of the house. As for Gage Soat’s tree, you “can’t even see green.”
Ian Williams and his family trim the tree “fabulously.” Similarly, the White family’s tree has so many ornaments that they are even on the inside of the branches.
Although Christmas is quite lovely and festive, people do dislike a few things about the holiday season. The commotion, crowds, shopping, cleaning, car trips, traffic, music, setting up, tearing down, crazy family…it can get to be quite a stressful time. The snow and cold also put a damper on things.
Some people, on the other hand, can’t get enough of it. When asked her least favorite part about the holiday season, Jennifer Lopez, sophomore, said, “Nothing. I like it all.” Other people would agree with her, except for the Ebenezer Scrooges–they put a damper on everybody’s mood.
Family time and giving gifts are some favorite holiday pastimes of the student body. Opening presents, relaxing, celebrating the birth of Jesus, eating food, listening to music, and watching movies are also on that list. So is crazy family, which can be the best and worst part of Christmas, but we all know we love them anyway.
Other beloved Christmas traditions include opening presents in pajamas, opening one gift on Christmas Eve, and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, like Lochlan Nowatski, freshman, and his family. Abby Moyer, freshman, and her family have a bean bag tournament and sit in a giant circle and pick cards to open presents. Dalton Bauer, junior, and his family open presents from youngest to oldest and have a pool tournament!
However your family celebrates Christmas, it is a fine holiday, and we all love something about it. Hey, you get a break from school, right?
So, this holiday season, instead of stressing out about things and putting a damper on other people’s moods, try to relax, be happy, and enjoy the little things in life. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.