Varsity scholastic bowl team has high hopes for the season


The Galena High School Scholastic bowl team smiles big for the camera. The GHS Schol-Bowl team is a univerally feared force throughout their conference. “I have never been more ready,” said junior Henry Anderson, “I literally pity the opposition.”

The varsity scholastic bowl team is off to an amazing start this season. The team has an impressive record of nine wins and two losses.

“We’ve been doing very well recently. Everyone has been improving a lot, and it’s showing. For once in his life, Eric Hernandez is better than me at something,” said Senior Lochlan Nowatzki.

The scholastic bowl team’s biggest achievement so far is taking first place in the Riverdale tournament. The team competed against twelve other local teams, and they came out on top!

“The competition was tough, but we played hard through it all,” said Junior Henry Anderson.

One member on the varsity scholastic bowl team who has been on fire this season is Senior Evelyn Larson. At the Riverdale tournament, Larson placed second in all-tournament team.

“Placing second on the Riverdale All-tournament Team was exciting. It meant that I had a lot of toss-ups that day to add to my stats, and it gave us the confidence to finish through the championship round in the afternoon,” said Larson.

Another member who has been doing well is Junior Sophia Getz. Also at the Riverdale tournament, Getz placed fifth on the all tournament team.

“I think we started the season off great with our victory in the Riverdale tournament, and it was really cool to place on the all-tournament team,” said Getz.

Both Larson and Getz are looking to break some individual and team records this year.

Varsity scholastic bowl coach Ron Jenkins likewise has high hopes for the team in the postseason. “We have our eyes set on IHSA State. We want to at the very least win the IHSA regional tournament, since we lost last year for the first time in a while,” he said.

On Saturday, January 26th, the team will compete in the All-Competition Tournament in Durand.