GHS Music Department strives for top 10

On April 12 and 13 the GHS Band, Choir, Jazz Band, and Jazz Choir went to IHSA Contest in Stockton to compete against the other bands and choirs in the area.

The Concert Band received a Division I rating along with “The Best of the Day Award.” “It is no surprise to me that we have received “The Best of the Day Award” for the second year in a row,” Veronica Osorio, ‘19 said, “we were so prepared and we really blew away the judges.”

The Jazz band also had a good run on Saturday. “One of the comments the judges made regarding our jazz band was “the best swing feel I have heard in a long time.”  That is one awesome comment, as that is a major component of jazz,” said Band Director Steve Holland. Because of their exceptional swing sound, the Jazz Band earned a Division I rating.

While the Concert Choir got a Division II rating, the Jazz Choir did not get a score due to a few missing members. Because they did not have enough people to compete, they only got what the judges scores would have been.

I felt that the jazz choir performance was our strongest; it’s upsetting that other people aren’t willing to participate in jazz choir,” Senior Jessica Baltierra said, “because it’s a fun experience and our performance deserved to be recognized in the sweepstakes.”

Even though the Jazz Choir wasn’t recognized in the overall score, the GHS Music Department got 8th place in the Class C sweepstakes. This is the 11th year in a row that GHS has been in the top 10.

“Placing 8th overall has reminded me how truly talented our students are,” Choir Director Victoria Schuler said, “Our music program would be nothing without each of our students and I am honored to be involved in it. I hope that the students feel validated for their time and effort that they dedicated to the music and the program.”