New Year, New Options

So far, nobody can argue that this year hasn’t been crazy. With coronavirus and all that comes with it, learning has been something that has become more difficult. As we near the end of the first semester, students are preparing to register for their 2021 classes. This is something that can excite students, knowing that this year is halfway over and that next year they will have the opportunity to take new classes. It is also a process that many students dread, it can be difficult to try and figure out what you want to take. Do you want to take “fun” classes? Do you want to take specific classes that will help with the career you are looking to pursue? Or do you genuinely not know what sounds interesting or not? Luckily, GHS has a list of many different types of classes for their students to choose from and next year they get some new additions.

To start, we have multiple new art classes being added to the list of options at GHS. New Multiple Different art classes include: Digital Art I, Digital Art II, Independent Digital Photography, Independent Digital Art, and Independent Studio Art. All of these art classes are going to be taught by our new art teacher, Mrs. T. “I am super excited to start offering Digital Art next year.  In this class students will learn how to use a variety of Adobe programs and develop commercial design skills.  We will create marketing campaigns, look at how to create professional social media and websites.  This class will provide creative students a platform to make art using technology instead of traditional art media.  For students used to using traditional art materials, they will get the chance to use drawing tablets and make art that way as well.” said Mrs. T. 

Along with the new art classes, there are two new science classes being offered. Honors Biology and Honors Ecology. These classes will be taught by Mrs. Bradburry, another new teacher at GHS. Mrs. Bradburry is excited to be at GHS and even more excited to be offering new science options for students. Other new classes are History of Sports and AP American Government & Civic Responsibility.

With all of these new offerings, teachers are hoping to get students involved in classes they may have never thought of taking. Opening new options to students will help students experiment more and figure out what really interests them.