Senior Prom


Senior girls Kylie Brown, Kate Moran, Morgan McIntyre, Olivia Schafer, and Elli Kruse all turn their heads and smile for a picture. This photo was taken last year for their “fake prom.”

The class of 2021 has received some exciting news! They will be having a senior prom this year! Due to COVID-19, the venue and how many people can go are a little different but the senior class is very excited! This event, which is being called a Senior Prom, will be held at Eagle Ridge Resort in the Galena Territory. The dinner and dance, open to only Galena High School seniors will be held on Saturday, May 8. 

“I continue to be amazed with the kindness and generosity of all of our businesses during this crazy year,” Mrs. Murphy explained. “Eagle Ridge Inn and Resort is going above and beyond. Thanks for making this special event possible for our seniors.”

The seniors are extremely happy about having an event like this to end out their unconventional senior year. “Last year we didn’t get a prom,” said Morgan McIntyre ‘21. “Even though it still is not the exact same as a traditional prom with the junior class and all of our dates, we will definitely make the most of it.”

Changing the venue for the event to Eagle Ridge allows the senior class to add another unique element to this celebration. “Having dinner together before the dance will be something new and fun!” said Kellyn Romer ‘21. “It will be one last thing we can do as a class together before graduation.” 

While the venue and the evening will not be what has been done traditionally for GHS students, some things don’t change. “Just being able to get dressed up and dance with my friends one last time will be amazing!” said senior Gracie Lange. “We haven’t done that since our junior year winter formal.”

In the last year students have had to deal with the disappointment that comes with cancelling many of the events they have looked forward to since they were young. This opportunity provided by Eagle Ridge is something to look forward to.