School Lunches at Risk Due to Supply Chain Issues


Even with the food shortage, GHS is still offering the option for students to get a salad instead of or along with a hot lunch. Here, the cafeteria staff are preparing salads for students who signed up for them since there are limited food options available for the school. “We’re lucky that we’re having lunch at all,” said Anna Heller, “We don’t have much of a choice in what we get, but anything is better than nothing.”

With supply chain issues correlating with COVID-19, there is also a nationwide food shortage affecting many schools across the country. One of the cafeteria workers at Galena High School, Anna Heller, says that food has become very hard to get a hold of recently. Another reason for this shortage is that many people are unavailable to work because they are sick or quarantined. 

Since the start of COVID-19, GHS has been providing breakfast and lunch to students free of charge, which students and parents are very happy about. “It’s very generous of the school to let us eat lunch for free,” says Paeton Hyde ‘23. “Many people are struggling with money right now and I’m sure that taking an expense off their list is very helpful.” 

Beginning the 2021-22 school year, GHS was also offering the opportunity for students to get double servings of food at lunch for an extra cost. Some people were feeling like they were leaving lunch hungry, and this provided a solution for that issue. This was nice while it lasted, however, the school can no longer get enough food in to continue providing this opportunity to the students. 

Though students are no longer able to get a second hot lunch, they still have the opportunity to get a salad along with their hot lunch. This is a great opportunity for students to make sure they are getting enough food, while also giving them a healthy option.