Not just another day: Noble drops EP


On February 28, two new songs were released into the world from our small town. GHS student Hayes Noble ‘23 has been working on and recording his songs since the winter of 2021 and finished everything up in early 2022.
The long process took a few months before Noble felt certain his music was ready to go out into the world. Noble wrote each song and performed each part.

Every single thing involved in producing the music was entirely done by Noble. “The hardest part about putting my songs together was the recording process,” he explained. “It took a while to figure out what sounded good and what didn’t.”

The first songs released in Feb. were “Another Day” and “Waste.”
While his lyrics weren’t inspired by anything, the music itself was influenced by Noble’s favorites. “When it comes to the actual music, it’s definitely influenced by the bands that I like,” he stated. “When you listen to my music, you’ll hear a lot of Dinosaur Jr.-esque guitar parts and things.”
Noble plans to release a five-song EP (Extended Play), with the other songs he has written in the very near future. He loves being able to be creative and share his music with others

Noble has always loved music, whether he was listening to it, playing it, or now making it. Ever since he was a little kid, Noble has wanted to be a musician.

The junior first picked up a guitar when he was thirteen years old and has been playing drums for as long as he can remember. Years and years of working, practicing, and improving his skills helped him create his EP before he even officially started working on it. His hard work, dedication, and passion are evident in his music.

Noble’s songs were quick hits in Galena’s High School and had many of his fellow students checking out what he had been working on.

Noble has received lots of feedback from his peers and appreciates everyone who listened to his work. To all of the people who checked it out, Noble would like to say, “Thanks for listening to my music, even if you didn’t like it, it means a lot.”

GHS is excited to see what its new young musician will accomplish next.