First Outstanding Artist of the Month Named


This picture was made by Sophia Loso and was one of the pieces of artwork that the judges got to see. She used one of her favorite styles of art for the picture, which is graphite portraits. It is very modern art with a little twist. “It is always a blast in the art room,” said Loso. “I really enjoy art and hope to use it in the future.”

Galena High School is proud to announce a new award given monthly to students. The Outstanding Artist of the Month has been started by Ms. Thraen-Borowski to recognize the amazing work coming out of the art room each month. The first ever Outstanding Artist of the Month is junior Sophia Loso! Her artwork was anonymously put in front of four different judges and all four judges picked her artwork. 

“I wanted to find a way to highlight and honor the art students who are creating many amazing pieces of artwork,” said Thraen Borowski. 

There are three students that are picked each month. They are chosen for their advanced creativity, high level of interest in art, commitment to skill advancement, creativity, and outside the box thinking. The three students who are picked have images of their artwork and answers to a series of questions about art are sent to four judges. The artwork doesn’t have any names on them, so the judges are able to make a fair decision. The judges get to pick and the majority winner is the Outstanding Artist for the Month. 

The winner and nominees are recognized in a school wide newsletter and on social media. The winner is also honored in the Galena Gazette and at the school board meeting. 

The first ever winner of this honor Loso. The other nominees were Gracie DuHack ‘25 and Ashton Miller ‘23 for this month. Loso was not only nominated by Ms.Threan-Boroski, but also nominated by four independent judges! Loso’s work has just wowed everyone! 

Loso has put hard work into her artwork. She is feeling very honored to be getting a chance that may not come to everyone. “I feel very honored to have been picked to be the Artist of the Month,” said Loso. “I really love to do portraits in graphite and acrylic.” She has been honored in many different ways for her artwork.