A Totally Tubular Trip to the 80’s


The cast of The Totally Rockin’ 80’s Prom met all together for their first read-through of the script. The cast includes 31 people, along with one student director. This interactive performance will be held on April 20, 21, and 22. “I hope everyone can make it to this play,” said senior, Caleb Soat, “It’s going to be a fun one!”

On April 20, 21, & 22 the GHS Drama Club will be performing The Totally Rockin’ 80’s Prom. The shows will be at 6:30 p.m. each night at Turner Hall, doors will open at 6:00 pm. The Totally Rockin’ 80’s Prom is an interactive comedy in which audience members are invited to dress as students at the Millard Fillmore High School prom, during the 1980s. 

Upon arrival, guests will be seated and served dinner, which is included in the ticket price. As dinner comes to an end, the play will begin. The audience will meet the prom organizing committee, mean girls, some nerdy guys who plan to create havoc, a guy with two dates who has to keep them from knowing about each other, a couple who like each other but who are at the prom with different dates, and, of course, a foreign exchange student who is a vampire who can turn people into zombies. Through all of this, the audience will be involved in dancing, the grand march, and of course, the live voting for prom king and queen. 

The Totally Rockin’ 80’s Prom made its world premiere in 2008. It was performed by GHS students and based on general scenarios written by GHS Drama Club assistant director, Tracy Jenkins. 

“I’m proud of my wife for being an excellent playwright, having adapted the script for this play from its original version, as well as having written six original full-length scripts for the Galena High School Drama Club,” Mr. Jenkins said, “Maybe now that we have more free time, we’ll try to market them to other schools to produce.”

This April, the show will be based on the original performance from 2008. “When I was chosen as an audience participant in the 2008 show, it was so exciting. Mr. Tancrell and I were chosen as the prom king and queen,” said Mrs. Huber, “I am so excited to see this year’s performance!”

After making his acting debut in 2008 in The Totally Rocking 80’s Prom, Mr. Tancrell has continued to participate in the GHS Drama Club performances. 

“As soon as I get asked to do something like this, the choice is an obvious yes,” said Mr. Tancrell, “I enjoy taking advantage of these experiences because Galena High School offers opportunities that larger schools do not.”

Mr. Tancrell made appearances in Timestamp 2020, as the antagonist teacher, and in Wildlife, in 2019, as a park ranger. In the upcoming spring play this April, Mr. Tancrell will be performing again with the Drama Club in The Totally Rocking 80’s Prom.

This performance is not only exciting because of the hilarious characters, showy costumes, and audience participation, it will be Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins’s last time directing a high school play, as they both are retiring after this performance. The Totally Rockin 80’s Prom will be the 70th high school play Mr. Jenkins has directed, and his 58th performance at GHS.

“I’ve enjoyed working on every one of those plays,” said Mr. Jenkins, “but it’s time for a younger generation to take over the reins.

The Totally Rockin’ 80’s Prom will mark the end of an era, as Mr. and Mrs.Jenkins take a step back from the directing roles in GHS plays. The show will feature talented actors who have worked hours on end to perfect a show for everyone to love. 

“I am so excited for the play,” said cast member Everett Noble, “I really like the part I got and I am looking forward to bringing it to life.”

The Totally Rockin 80’s Prom will be held at Turner Hall, on the nights of April 20, 21, and 22. Audience capacity is limited so be on the lookout for ticket sales. This kickin’ performance will be, like, totally awesome. It’s definitely going to be a fan fave!