POV: The Punished Becomes the Punisher in Fantasy Football

As the fantasy football season wraps up at GHS, problems start to arise in the Junior Class centered group. Some leagues decide to set their own punishment for the loser of the league, as a way to keep things interesting without the use of money. Most are good sports about it, while others refuse. Currently, this is happening in one of the leagues in the Galena High School. Junior Blaine Timmerman finished last in his league, going a disappointing 5-10. He lost fair and square but refuses to do the set punishment. The punishment in question has him getting condiments dumped on top of him, but he doesn’t want any part of that, and he claims to have a reason. This punishment would seem mediocre, compared to some of the other leagues’ punishments in the school. 

The rest of the league was left in shock. “I was utterly flabbergasted” said Macy Schulz 24’ “I was expecting a fun night punishing Blaine and celebrating our fantasy league but Blaine ripped that from me. I’ve been speaking with Mrs. Deppe to try and recover from the shock.” Many others shared this shock from Blaine’s announcement.

 The punishment had been set and approved by all members so it was a blow to the entire league. “I am quite the civil man but I became quite unruly when I discovered Blaine’s resistance,” said Matthew Schilling. “I do hope he reconsiders his decision or I will have to call my lawyers on him, and they are very good lawyers. It really ruffled my feathers.” 

Soon after his heart-shattering announcement, Blaine announced his reasoning for not participating. “Being totally honest, it’s all because of Soaty ” said Timmerman “My entire goal this year was to beat Caleb Soat and I fell short. To make up for that I had to be smart about it and refuse to participate in the punishment. I just knew it would leave him in shambles. Honestly I was willing to do the punishment from the start, but Soat had some plans and I didn’t want to be a part of that.” Due to Blaine’s refusal, the league has decided to try and negotiate with Blaine. 

“We have tried to be civil with Blaine but it hasn’t worked.” Said Emma Furlong. “For his sake I hope he negotiates a deal with the group because I am scared of what Soat would do. He can get pretty crazy sometimes.” 

As separation grows in the league, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens. “It would be a shame if I kidnapped him.” said Caleb Soat 23’ “Blaine can try and run, but like Thanos, I’m inevitable. There is no escaping me.” Soat was one of the geniuses that found the punishment, so he wants it done. 

“For a while it seemed that Cooper was going to be the one getting punished, and he’s a good sport and would have done it.” said Nick Handfelt 24’. “Unfortunately Soat made one of the worst trades fantasy football has ever seen and that led to him winning a few games. We had a good thing going, and he ruined it.” 

It seems that Blaine has taken to saying “new year, new me”, and has decided that the new Blaine will not be a part of his league’s punishment, and his new year’s resolution is to devastate the league with a heart-shattering blow.