Students go all out for Anything but a Backpack Day


Juniors, Averi Hewitt, Julia Holland, Taylor Burcham, Macy Schulz, and Addison Hefel stand with their backpack substitutes on “Anything but a Backpack Day.” They brought in a dog kennel, a traffic cone, a mini shopping cart, a toaster oven, and a folder trampoline. Many people were impressed with their dedication. “I thought all of the items people brought in were fun and creative,” said Taylor Hilby ‘23.

On Friday, February 17, the Student Council invited students to participate in “Anything but a Backpack Day.” While following a list of guidelines, students brought in many creative items to substitute their backpacks for the day.

Some common items included laundry baskets, hampers, and suitcases. Some students, however, sacrifice their comfort for creativity. Julia Holland ‘24 carried her school supplies in a bright orange traffic cone.

“It was a struggle because the cone was very heavy,” Holland said, “Personally, I think it was worth it because it was iconic.”

Another student who went all out for “Anything but a Backpack Day” was senior, Chase Dittmar. Dittmar brought a whole beehive to hold his school supplies. “It was pretty difficult to carry the beehive around, but it was definitely worth it,” said Dittmar, “The hardest part was going up and down the stairs, since I couldn’t see over the beehive.”

Many students shared similar ideas when it came to their items. Mini shopping carts seemed to be a popular backpack replacement. Another creative idea shared by a few students was suitcases. Emma Blaum ‘24 and Sam Eaton ‘23 both brought in pink suitcases. While Blaums was more professional, Eaton’s was child-sized and Barbie themed.

“I had no issue carrying my Barbie suitcase due to its sleek, compact design,” Eaton said, “I brought it because it looks really cool and I am a big fan of Barbie.”

To go along with “Anything but a Backpack Day,” the Student Council also held a contest for the best “anything but a backpack.” The winner of this contest was Macy Schulz ‘24, who substituted her backpack for a toaster oven to school to hold her school supplies.

“I brought the toaster oven because it spoke to me in a dream and I just knew I had to take it,” Schulz said, “I didn’t think it was too hard to carry around, but if I’m being honest, my very strong biceps were feeling it in the morning.”

Students and staff loved Macy’s dedication. “I thought it must have been hard to haul around all day long,” said Mrs. Deppe, “But it was a brilliant and creative idea!”

“Anything but a Backpack Day” was a fun, exciting day for students to break out of their everyday norms and bring a new backpack to school.