Stranger Than Fiction Movie Review

Stranger Than Fiction Movie Review

Over quarantine, I had a lot of extra time on my hands. One of the few things I could do was to watch movies, which required no effort and therefore led me to do so a little too often. One movie I was able to watch this past week was Stranger than Fiction. This is a comedy movie about an IRS auditor named Harold Crick. The movie was directed by Marc Foster and produced by Lindsay Doran. Stranger than Fiction is rated PG-13 because of language and sexualty.

Harold is a man who follows a strict schedule, he calculates everything from the number of times he brushes each tooth, to the amount of steps it takes to get to the bus stop. One day Harold begins to hear a voice narrating his life. The movie follows Harold as he seeks help from an English professor to track down the author narrating his every move. 

The story is one that really interested me. Unlike other movies I’ve watched, I never found myself getting bored or not paying attention. It had just the right amount of humor, romance, and seriousness to keep me intrigued. It was not cliche and it was not a story that was predictable. The movie had me guessing what was going to happen next. At one point in the movie, Harold is caught in his apartment while construction tries to tear down his apartment. He doesn’t know what to do because he can’t live there anymore, it has the viewers thinking of situations for him before he gets to it himself.

Another major positive of this movie was the acting. Will Ferrell, who plays the main character, did an amazing job at portraying an oddly normal man going insane. The emotions do not feel forced, but genuine. None of the acting ever felt like it was blatantly fake. Ferrell put his own unique twist on the character and did a great job at keeping his audience on the toes. Ferrell always does a good job making the character seem seamless, his ad libs are funny and make the character what he should be.

Overall, Stranger than Fiction was a movie I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for laughs. It was a great movie, had a good cast, and the storyline was original. The movie is now on my list of favorites and I’m eager to watch it again with friends.