Senior Athlete Highlight of the Week


Corrina Noble ‘21 is a four sport athlete her senior year. She participates in volleyball, basketball, softball and cross country. Noble played volleyball her freshman, sophomore and senior year. Corrina was on the cross country team her senior year, and was one of the few people who joined. She has played softball and basketball all four years. COVID-19 has impacted her senior seasons many different ways, but the sport she was super excited for is basketball. 

Noble played two different positions in volleyball. She was in the middle her first two years of high school. She was also part of the state team back in 2018. During Corrina’s senior year she has switched to focus more on the right side. “ Switching positions was challenging at first,” Noble explained. “After a few open gyms, I started to catch on.” She is now one of the eight seniors on the volleyball team and she is happy to be back. 

Cross country was a new sport at GHS this year. Noble was the only senior girl who joined. “I ran cross country because it was going to be good for me to get in shape for basketball, and my other sports,” she said. “ I had college coaches and even my high school coaches encouraging me to participate in this new sport.” Every meet they ran around three miles, and it worked on endurance, which is a key sport in basketball. “It gave me another chance to put more work in for the next basketball season.” said Noble.

Softball has always been one of Corrina’s favorite sports. She has played since she was in 4th grade, and has been the varsity pitcher since her freshman year. “Being pulled up to varsity was nerve racking at first, but once I got the hang of things, I had a lot of fun with the rest of the team,” Noble explained. Due to COVID-19, there was no junior season for her, and she was very disappointed about that. “I had been pitching every other morning before school in preparation for that season, so when it got cancelled, I was extremely disappointed. A lot of us were putting the extra work in and were excited about the season,” Noble explained. A senior season is hopefully right around the corner and she is very excited to see what the season will bring. 

“Basketball season is honestly the best time of the year!” Noble exclaimed. She has been on the varsity squad all four years of high school, along with playing AAU every summer since third grade. She has been starting varsity since her sophomore year. She came close that year to breaking the school record for the most 3’s in a game against Lena-Winslow. She had six total threes that game. She is a key player for the Pirates. Noble is hoping for a senior basketball season because that is what she is most passionate about. “I am trying to play in college, so this year would have been crucial for scouting,” Noble explained. “Basketball is also something I have played since kindergarten, so not having a season feels very weird to me.” Going back to Tier 1 has opened up more possibilities for basketball to start up, but she will still have a few restrictions to follow. 

Noble is  one of the few four sport athletes Galena High school has ever had. She plays basketball, volleyball, cross country, and softball. COVID-19 has changed how sports are played, and has even cancelled some seasons. Corrina is hoping for the best, and can’t wait to see what this year brings.