GHS Drama Club, in Turner Hall, with the Candlestick


The GHS Drama club is preparing to entertain watchers with the comical and thrilling production of “Clue.” On October 6-8 at 7:30 p.m. students will be featured playing the roles of the iconic characters from the board game and movie. “We are super excited about this upcoming performance,” said Emma Blaum ‘24, “We hope to see everyone in the audience!”

The GHS Drama Club hosted auditions for the production of Clue on August 10th and 11th. Rehearsals began the week of August 15 with students preparing to memorize their lines, the production staff planning set building, publicity events, and more.

Clue is a hysterical comedy-mystery, in which six guests are invited to a mysterious dinner hosted by an anonymous host. Students will take on the roles of the iconic characters many know from the movie Clue, as well as the board game.

Miss Scarlet (Ella Getz ‘24), Mrs. Peacock (Liliana Asta ‘26), Mrs. White (Emma Blaum ‘24), Colonel Mustard (Hayes Noble ‘23), Professor Plum (Conner Soat ‘25), and Mr. Green (Charlie Duncan ‘24) are all welcomed to the mansion by the British butler Wadsworth (Cael Ozee). Also included in the performance will be other talented actors such as Everette Noble, Jalyn Walker, Oliver Ortega, and Emma Duncan. 

“All of our characters have colorful personalities which make the ‘Who done it’ storyline even more intriguing and comical,” said Hayes Noble. 

The play is based on the movie Clue, which stood out because it was initially released with three different endings. Viewers were captivated by the fact that they wouldn’t know which ending they would see when they went to the theater. The play version will incorporate all of the possible endings in a creative and engaging way. 

Mr. Jenkins, the advisor of the GHS Drama Club, is excited about the upcoming performance, “Our production will make clever use of the Turner Hall stage to suggest the nine different rooms of stately Boddy Manor. It will also have lots of cool special effects.”