Mask Making Machines


All in making masks for the community, Danielle Stephanopoulos ‘23, Julia Townsend ‘23, Morgan McIntyre ‘21, Kate Moran ‘21, Alex Oberbroeckling ‘23, Maddy Glasgow ‘22, and Spencer Crawford ‘21 display the large selection of masks they created for the hospital. These students took on the task of making masks after Mrs. Bookless saw on Facebook that the Midwest Medical Center was asking for volunteers to donate. “No volunteer work I have done in the past compares to this,” said Morgan McIntyre ‘21. “Not only did we get to practice our sewing skills, but we get the satisfaction of knowing they are going to help others.”

Galena High School’s sewing class has always been a big hit for kids looking for an extra elective, wanting to pursue a career in the textile field, or just learn life one of many life skills. “Sewing class is one of the best opportunities for me to practice my life skills,” said Maddy Glasgow ‘22. Teacher Susan Friedrick looks for projects students can create that they can actually use. In previous years, students have made aprons, towels, book bags and small accessory bags. 

Recently, English teacher Susan Bookless came across a post on Facebook that the Midwest Medical Center in Galena was asking the community to make reusable face masks for those who enter the hospital without one. “I saw this post and immediately thought about the sewing class at the high school,” said Bookless. “I knew that Mrs. Friedrick could make this happen.” Friedrick and the GHS sewing class thought this was a perfect opportunity to help others, while practicing the skills they have been working on. 

“We get to use our life skills to keep others safe during these crazy times, said Glasgow. Starting the year with this project is putting the students’ skills to test right off the bat, because their work is being donated to those in need at Midwest Medical Center. There has been much excitement shown in the classroom this year starting off with a project that will benefit both the students and community. 

“Masks are a good way for us to learn how to sew and keep people safe,” said Spencer Crawford ‘21. “Sometimes the projects we make may not always be important to me, but this is something that I care about, and I hope the patients appreciate as well.” It is so nice to see something positive coming out of these times, all while out students are learning life skills. 

“I really enjoy making masks for the hospital,” said Maddy Glasgow ‘22. “It was super fun once I got the hang of it and we get to help our community at the same time.” While making masks is not easy from the start, out students are quick learners here at GHS.

“I genuinely like making masks because once you make one, it is smooth sailing from there,” said Danielle Stephanopoulos ‘23. “Also knowing that we are making them for the people at the hospital who don’t have their own masks to wear, makes me even more happy.”

“Making masks for the hospital is a fun and easy way to get involved,” said Julia Townsend ‘23. “I know the community needs us more than ever during these crazy times, so this opportunity was perfect for our class.”

If community members are interested in making masks, Midwest Medical Center is looking for your help. Help keep our community safe, one mask at a time. You can donate by bringing your completed masks to the front desk of the hospital, or emergency room entrance at any time. Thank you in advance to all who can lend a hand in keeping our people safe.