Red Light, Green Light, Now Stuck on Yellow


Rise and shine, it’s time to put in the work on your own time. Senior basketball athlete Corrina Noble spends many hours of her day in the gym, and even though it can not be with her teammates at this time, she is making the days count. “I am staying really hopeful and waiting for our season. I know that I’m responsible for myself and staying in shape so I’ve been getting in the gym as much as possible,” said Corrina Noble ‘21. “I know that not everyone can do that but I know that if I show I’m still ready for a season then I hope my teammates will also feel that way.” Hard work in the off season is essential to creating a strong team all around.

Ready, set, go. . . but wait, the boys and girls basketball seasons have been put on hold once again. Both teams were only two nights of practice into the season, when they got word that the State of Illinois has put a stop to sports for the time being. There are still meetings, decisions, and discussion to come, as to when, and how they will make this season come to be, however for the time being, there is no gym time for our athletes. The excitement seen in the faces of our athletes when they finally got to start practicing for their season was like no other. Unfortunately, two days later, we saw the complete opposite side of that, and it is something they never dreamed of going through. 

“I am upset it is getting pushed back again, but I am still really excited to see what this season brings. Having the season pushed back gives me more time to push myself harder and prepare more for the time when it comes. It gives me more time to work on my own game, and be perpared to lead my team, as the only senior this year,” said Corrina Noble ‘21. “It stinks that the season seems sort of out of reach at this point, but I am hoping for the best and trying to stay positive through it all.” Noble is a prime example of finding the good in the depths of the bad. She is excited to see what the season brings, no matter when that may be.

Just as the girls were ready to get going, the boys as well were determined to have a killer season after their success last year. They have been eager to get the season going, but unfortunately after their first two days of practice, they heard the last thing they wanted to hear. They would not be having their possible season until the beginning of January. The mindset of our boys remains the same, and they will put in the work when the time comes. Senior Jacob Townsend shares his thoughts on this season,  “I think this is a terrible decision by the governor and the IHSA to move basketball back once again. Kids need sports for motivation to try in school. There are kids 15 minutes away in two different states that play fall seasons, and have their winter seasons coming up, with fans,” said Jacob Townsend, ‘21. “Kids are not being affected by COVID-19 as severely as elderly people, so if we follow the safety precautions of wearing a mask and having no fans, I see no reason why we can’t have a season.” The community continues to hear the strong opinions from our athletes every time another set back occurs, but we strive to find the good that comes out of it, whatever it may be. 

The community hopes that all athletes will get the chance to have a season during this crazy year. There is still hope for the coming days, even though it has appeared that there is no start day in sight. As you heard from seniors Corrina Noble and Jacob Townsend, they have not stopped putting in the work to be a better teammate, and overall athlete. 2020 is a year nobody has ever dreamed of, but there are lessons coming out of it left and right, and GHS students are becoming stronger than ever.