Senioritis Hits Hard in 2021


The closet thing our seniors have gotten to a class photo thus far, is a selfie in math class on the first day of school. “I am hopeful our class will be able to come together as one and get a class photo by the end of the year,” said Morgan McIntyre ’21. “Those are the kind of memories I want to be able to look back on, but for now, a selfie, in class, with a mask will do.” These are the pictures that will remind us of how abnormal our year was.

When I walked through the font doors of Galena High School on Tuesday last week, it hit me. This is my last semester as a Pirate. I am so excited to graduate and move onto bigger and better things. But I’m also so sad because this is the last semester I have with people who have been my friends since kindergarten. The year we have seen on our shirts since the day we could read, “2021”, is finally here.  I often find myself feeling anxious, because after May, I’m moving into the unknown. 

We’ve all said it before, “I’m sick” or “I just don’t want to go to school today,” however these tricks are not working as easily this year. “Sickness” will get you stuck with a swab in your nose and “not wanting to school” will stick you in front of your class remotely. I have been quarantined two times this year, and I know I am not nearly as motivated at home, in comparison to in person. “Senioritis kicked in part way through last year, forcing us to attend school virtually every day. This makes it so much easier for us to lose motivation, and a strong tendency to slack off, more than kids may have in the past,” said Ryan Holland ‘21. Holland lives by the quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard,” which he proudly says is his last ounce of hope to make it through this school year.

Senior year is the time we experience all of our lasts, from sports practices, to intense homecoming competitions. Unfortunately, most of these activities unknowingly took place last year, or even the year prior. Even with all of the “fun” stripped from the plate, we still have to find motivation to do all of the final high school, and first college steps. “When I was a junior, I thought I had no motivation. I never wanted to do anything, but then my senior year rolled around, and now I really know what it’s like to have zero motivation,” said Kellyn Romer ‘21. “College applications, scholarships, and homework make motivation even more absent than before. Especially when there is nothing to look forward to as a reward, with COVID-19 in the mix.” Nothing short of the truth. Motivation is buried deep under all of the COVID-19 strain, leaving us more overwhelmed than deserved as we venture through our “most memorable year thus far.” 

Another approach at this senior year is the importance of living every day as if it were our last. Even though that may seem like a famous saying, it really has hit home in the past year, and will have more meaning going forward. “One thing that COVID-19 has taught me is to not take anything for granted. That activity you didn’t go to last year because you thought you could just go to it next year. These things really make me regret not living in the moment,” said Spencer Crawford ‘21. “We no longer have the chance to attend events, and live our life as a typical high school student shall, making everything about this year seem like even more of a bleak time.” Be present, and make the most of the little things, you will not regret it when you look back after being put in a challenging situation, taking those times from you. 

We as students thrive on extracurricular activities, so without most of them this year, we are finding it that much harder to thrive in school. Every day, we dig to find reasons to persevere, and as time goes on, those reasons are getting tremendously smaller. “I find it hard to have a positive and motivated mindset when all of the last memories you planned on in your senior year don’t exist,” said Morgan Mcintyre ‘21. “Especially when most of those things are what motivate students to do well in school in the first place. As hard as I try to keep my head up through these times, half of our junior year, and our unfinished senior year, have straight up, sucked.” The final stretch is in sight, along with the lack of motivation being in full force. 

Without a doubt, GHS is feeling it all. From the drug on days and weeks, and the starting and stopping of sports, to the constant thought of never having our junior or senior prom. We truly have been through it all, and all one can dream of is getting to come through in the end, and have our lasts of what is enjoyed most. Ms. Sandra Zink would have been telling us to not give up, because we are so close, and that is with us in her memorable words, “Kind, STRONG, Love; Live, Like, Zink”. We will be crossing the stage before we know it, whether in the gym or on the track, the class of 2021 is here for it. For now, the least we can do is not give up, even when it may seem like the easy way out.