Spotlights on GHS Key Club


The Galena Key Club gathered together last week to make tie blankets for a cause. In the past, the club has made and donated blankets to children’s hospitals, but with COVID-19, they are not accepting donations. Insted, they were kindly donated to a fellow GHS freshman, Abbey Ehrler, who has a blanket making hobby, and she is going to donate them from there. “I was so thankful to receive so many blankets for my collection,” said Abbey Ehrler ‘24. “It makes me happy to see others doing what I love to do and spend a lot of my time on. Thank you to the Galena Key Club for all of your hard work.”

Are you looking for a phenomenal way to show your community support? Key Club is just the place for you. This club is partnered with the town’s Kiwanis Club, which allows students to volunteer not only within their school, but mainly out into the community and beyond. With monthly meetings typically held in person, but per COVID-19 restrictions, most are online this year, the club meets to discuss work they have done thus far, and plan for their future volunteerism. Most weeks provide ways to volunteer through the club, and there is strong encouragement to get out on your own time and find opportunities when they are not provided directly. With such a highly populated club, every activity that the club is involved in, is done beyond expectation leaving many community members grateful beyond words.

Many students join their freshman year and engage throughout their entire high school career, simply for the pleasure of making an impact on the less fortunate, or areas of need. “I joined Key Club when I was a freshman, because I had heard nothing but good things about it even when I was in middle school,” said Morgan McIntyre ‘21. “I have always been one to volunteer in the community and just do simple kind acts to my elders, but this is the best way to get even more opportunities, with the people I love, and I even get credit for it! I encourage anyone who is not already in the club to consider joining, because the little amount of your time it takes, means the world to those who you are giving your time to.” Sometimes members don’t even realize the impact they are making on the community, but it certainly does not go unnoticed. The GHS Key Club has always held a high standard in the community, and is honored for all of their dedication to the town.

With nearly 50 High School students involved in Key Club, there is a lot of coordination and hard work put in by the two well respected sponsors, Mrs. Susan Bookless and Mrs. Katie McIntyre. After the passing of the clubs determined, dedicated, and fun loving sponsor, Ms. Sandra Zink, these sponsors stepped up to the plate to fill very big shoes, and have never failed to live out her legacy as she would have wished. “Being in Key Club really means a lot to me, because when I first joined, it was when one of my most beloved teachers was the sponsor,” said Julia Townsend ‘23. “She really encouraged me to get involved, she was truly excited to see all of our faces at every event, that she was of course at as well, lending a hand, and it makes me feel good every time I take part in an activity to this day, knowing I am doing something she would be proud of me for. Our current sponsors do everything in their power to make it as normal as it can be, despite them being new to the role, as well as working with the current pandemic.” Despite the great change in the past year, there have been more than enough opportunities to support each other and those in the outside world, even during these crazy and uncertain times. 

The school district, community, and nearing areas praise the Galena Key Club and their efforts every day. With happy faces and helping hands, the club is involved in everything from shopping for those in need, to planting flowers and picking up trash on the side of the road for the City of Galena. Get involved, and be the change you wish to see in your community, all while feeling good about your deeds. Know that you can make a big difference with the smallest amount of time in your day. The Galena Key Club wants you and your drive to better yourself and impact all of those around you!