Volleyball Game Away vs. River Ridge


“The varsity volleyball team poses for a picture before their game against River Ridge.”

The varsity volleyball team played against River Ridge away on Wednesday March 24. They ended up winning the game and are now 2-0. 

The Pirates played a great game against the Wildcats. They had a total of 20 kills within the whole game. “I think we played great,” Paeton Hyde ‘23 said. “We have two girls out and we pulled together and had a great win against River Ridge.” 

Assists were made by seniors Grace Wilhelm, Kellyn Romer and Abby Soppe. The total amount of assists against river ridge was also 20. “I think our setting was pretty good,” Romer said. “We obviously have a lot to work on and we are all pretty rusty, but overall I think we played together as a team. I am just super happy to be back and playing the game with my teammates!”


Digging was a main highlight for the Pirates this game. The Lady Pirates have a returning libero this year, Grace Wilhelm, who has also praised how well the Pirates played against River Ridge. “Our passing was solid, and I think even with a crazy year, we have all pulled together as one and I am super excited to see how well this season will go!” Wilhelm said. 

“I am excited to see what this season brings and I am glad to see that most girls are back and healthy,” Maggie Furlong ‘22 said. “Two concussions right off the bat is crazy, and I was just happy to see them warming up for the River Ridge game.” The girls who were injured were allowed to warm up, but not actually play due to concussions. 

The Pirates final scores of the first match was 25- 11 and the second match it was 25-7. It was a great day to be a Pirate! The girls will play West Carroll away at 7 tomorrow night!