Pumpin’ Iron: GHS Students Max Out


“I had failed 255 the last time I tried it, but I knew it was now or never to go for it.” Wubben succeeded and was able to press the 255 lbs, showing his great improvement over the off-season.

At the start and end of each sports season at GHS, head football coach and AD, Ed Freed hosts a “Max Out” week. “I want the kids to see how much they have improved from one season to another,” said Feed. “We keep records and set goals to encourage students to continue to work on their strength and conditioning in their off seasons.”

According to Freed, a max out is when a student lifts as much weight as they can for five or less reps on a certain lift. In this case, students max out their bench press, barbell squat, and power clean.
The time in the weight room isn’t just about physical improvement, it is also a team building experience for student athletes. They blast music, and are encouraged by their peers who scream encouragement as they push themselves to the limit.

Junior Jack Ries fondly recalls his squat max, where he hit his personal best of 425 lbs. “The atmosphere was insane,” said Ries. “All I could think about was getting that weight up so I could celebrate with my friends, they helped me move that weight.”

Ries isn’t the only one that loves the incredible atmosphere in the weight room. “I love maxing out at the school because I know that my friends are going to support me no matter what,” said Cooper Einsweiler ‘23. “It’s one of the few times I see Coach Freed get that hyped, so it’s pretty awesome.”
Einsweiler had his personal best bench press in February, hitting 290 lbs.

The atmosphere isn’t the only great thing about max out week, though, it is also an opportunity to show off all the hard work that students have put in.

Many students work out during their off season, trying to get stronger and faster for their next sport. “I can show that I have been busy lifting during the off season when I get to max out,” said John Wubben ‘23. “It is so awesome showing off my hard work and impressing the coaches.”
Wubben hit his personal best bench press this February, hitting an impressive 255 lbs, over 15 lbs more than his last max in August.

While students prepare for spring sports coming faster than ever, they get the chance to prove themselves one more time during the GHS max-out week.