Lights, Camera, and (Finally!) Action


Finding ways to stay safe, the Drama Club begins shooting scenes while remaining socially distanced. Pictured above (left to right), Mrs. Jenkins films Daniel Heid, Mrs. McIntyre, Maya Dickerson, Caleb Soat, and Jovian Pham. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins have worked hard to make sure that the state the world is in won’t take away the fall play. Mrs. McIntyre stated, “I’m sure there will be many hiccups along the way, due to COVID, but they are organized so it will all come together at some point.” The Drama Club has adapted to the changes of the world extremely well and their latest production is sure to be another big hit!

They are back and better than ever! The Galena High School Drama Club, despite having several members quarantine last week, has come back strong and is starting to shoot scenes for their movie this week. Those involved have had to take precautions to remain safe during the pandemic like having rehearsals via Google Meet. Steps have also been taken to keep members safe behind the scenes of videotaping. “The movie is set during the present pandemic, so when we shoot the scenes, we will be observing social distancing as much as possible, and all personnel, including the actors, are masked,” explains Mr. Jenkins. “There are some scenes that involve a single actor addressing the camera directly–those will be shot with the camera operator a safe distance away from the actor, who will be maskless.” 

This has been a new experience for all involved. “I like that we don’t have to learn all the lines for the whole movie at once,” said cast member Caleb Soat ‘23. “We can learn the lines for the scene we are filming and then learn the lines for the next scene. It has been hard though because people are being quarantined and it’s not coming together as fast as the play did last year.”

Due to another quarantine, many shooting dates have been rescheduled but the Drama Club is still working hard to put out another fantastic production. Time Stamp 2020 is sure to be great and is anxiously awaited!