CTE students given Student of the Quarter award


  Each quarter, the teachers of each class at the CTE academy nominate two students who demonstrated exceptional behavior throughout the quarter. Last quarter, there were three students from Galena who achieved this award, this quarter there are five students who went above and beyond. These outstanding students are Carson Miller ‘22, Sydney Benson ‘21, Kristin Hall ‘21, Kate Moran ‘21, and Jarrett Basten ‘22. 

Carson Miller ‘22 was named Student of the Quarter for the Automotive Tech class. “I am grateful for the award,” said Miller. “The class has been a good learning experience and has taught me many new things about vehicles that I am glad I have been learning about.” 

In Health Occupations, Galena senior Sydney Benson ‘21 was the Student of the Quarter for her class. “I have learned a lot in this class, like how to properly transfer residents. I like that it is a very hands on class,” said Benson. “I took this course because I wanted to get a look at what it would be like to be a nurse and it has slowly gotten me there. I am proud of myself and am thankful for this award.”

Another Galena High School student who was given this award was Kristin Hall ‘22 in Cooperative Education. “I love this class and it makes my life much easier because I work either way, so being able to work during school hours and I love the amazing study hall I can get from co-op too. It feels good knowing that I am working on myself and that I got this award from it,” said Hall.

In Construction Tech, Galena Junior Jarrett Basten received this award for his hard work during the second quarter. “I have been able to grow in all the work we have accomplished. I am glad I was given this award because it shows what I was able to do in the class,” says Jarrett Basten ‘22. 

The last but not least Galena High recipient for the Student of the Quarter award was Kate Moran ‘21 in Early Childhood Education. “This class is awesome! I encourage anyone who is interested in teaching to take this class because it teaches you everything from being hands on with the kids and helping me prepare myself for the future!” says Moran.

They have all exceeded expectations with their schoolwork at the CTE academy. These five students demonstrated many characteristics that brought them to where they are, and are great role models for other students to follow.