Athletes Excited To Finally Play

Two weeks ago, the IHSA gave news that athletes would finally be able to compete. All athletes became excited, but this meant that players in winter sports got to play as soon as a week from the decision date.

This meant that teams had to kick it into high gear, learning plays and perfecting defenses. As the teams prepared, so did schools. Staff had to make schedules as soon as possible. They also had to figure out how to ensure proper social distancing rules for those allowed in the gym.

Boys basketball player, Ryan Holland ‘21 said, “I’m excited that we finally get to play against other teams. All of us have been waiting for this to happen.” Another player, Hayes Noble ‘23 said, “We’ve all been working really hard this past week, so we’re all glad to finally be able to show that off.”

The girls team feels the same way, freshman Addie Hefel said, “The whole team was really happy when Coach announced that we could finally play. We dove right into putting in our plays and defense to get as prepared as possible for our first game.”

Both teams are preparing for their games right around the corner. The girls team plays on Tuesday, February 9 and the boys team plays on Wednesday, February 10.