GHS projected to have record freshman class


Welcoming freshman! The upcoming freshmen had their orientation on August 17 and their day consisted of picking lockers, having one on one conversations with teachers, and receiving their laptops. This class of 2025 is one of the largest classes GHS has had in a long time with 79 students! “Although I was nervous for the first day of school, I was excited to feel more independent and meet new people,” said Ben Miller ‘25.

The class of 2025 has one of the biggest freshman classes in recent history. Traditionally, Galena has around 50-60 students per grade. However, this year’s freshman class is made up of 79 students. This is almost 15 more students than the class of 2022. Having this many kids means more desks in classrooms, larger groups, and less individual time with teachers compared to years past.
Carly Miller ’25 says, “Being in a larger grade can be a little tough because not all students can get the same amount of attention from teachers as they would get in a smaller class.” Miller feels as though being in a larger class can have more negative outcomes than more benefits.
Another classmate, Ava Hahn ’25 had a different perspective. She said, “I am really used to being in a bigger grade and I honestly don’t mind it.” A larger class means that classroom learning can be more difficult, but it also provides opportunities for new friendships.
Grace O’Connor ‘25 also had a favorable outlook on a larger grade, she said “One thing positive about being in a larger grade is that you are able to make lots of great friends.” O’Connor realizes that being able to create exciting new memories with awesome friends is a nice plus.
When teaching with a larger group of students than normal, even day to day activities in the classroom can be more challenging. Spanish teacher, Ms Timmerman said, “The biggest challenge so far has been getting to know the students individually. When there are so many students in a classroom at once, it can be tricky checking in and making a connection with each student before class time.” Timmerman understands the challenges when teaching a larger group of students but is committed to still having a quality learning experience for everyone.