Rotary Announces Student of the Quarter – Lilly Potter


Lilly Potter is shown smiling for a picture at the DeSoto House Hotel after winning Rotary Student of the Quarter. Every teacher thinks she is a delight in their classrooms. “I was so excited to win this award because it’s showing people how much hard work I put into this last quarter,” said Potter. “I hope this inspires others to work hard because winning this award is an honor.”

The Galena Rotary choses one Sophomore from Galena High School as Student of the Quarter. The award recognizes one sophomore student each quarter for their efforts in their academics and the hard work to become active members not only in the school, but in the community.

The nomination is not only based on academic achievement, but involvement in the community, club and sport activities, and development in the student. The high school strives to recognize the students and motivate them to keep working hard.

The student awarded this quarter is Lilly Potter ‘25. Potter is polite and has a quiet demeanor. All the teachers wish they had her in their classrooms.
In math class, “Lilly is such a joy to have in math class! I love how dependable she is, how well she works with her peers, and her overall positive attitude. Math can be a challenging subject as a lot of the concepts are not intuitive, but Lily doesn’t let that stop her from working hard and pushing through until she truly understands a topic,” said Calfee, “She is patient, kind, and polite beyond belief. I love that I get the opportunity to have Lilly as a student!”

Potter is always being mature and polite with her teachers. In health and drivers ed, “She is such a sweet, pleasant, and polite young lady,” said McIntyre. “She always gives her best effort, and asks great questions when she doesn’t understand.”

Potter is always looking for ways to help and improve her fellow peers in school. She is ready to work all the time. In the agricultural classroom, “Lilly is fantastic in the greenhouse and does great work,” said Lee. “She is the most patient and kind individual even when she has a couple rowdy classmates.”

Potter is consistently going out of her way to see if her teachers need help or to go talk to them to make their day. Mrs. Hendricks is Potter’s favorite teacher at Galena High School. “I have seen a lot of growth in Lilly this year. Kindness and politeness are her natural attributes,” said Hendricks. “I have seen her handle difficult situations considerately. Lilly often goes out of her way to stop by my room to say hi or offer a helping hand.”

“I am super grateful for all of the staff members who voted for me,” said Potter. “I appreciate being able to receive this award.”
Lilly would like to thank and recognize the staff members, family, and peers for pushing her to do her best in and out of high school. She really appreciates Mrs.Hendricks for always making her day.