Honoring Students With a Twist


On January 13th GHS students who made the honor roll got to participate in a heated match of Captains Coming,” I was very confident in my ability to win and really thought I had the game in the bag” said Gus Nack ‘26.

On Friday, Jan. 13 GHS students were recognized for their hard work during the first semester. “This year’s Honor Roll Assembly looked a little different. “I spoke to staff about what they thought of this assembly and they agreed that we should work to make it more fun,” said high school principal Mrs. Hawkins. With help from the Student Advisory Committee, a new Honor Roll Assembly was launched.

Instead of coming off the bleachers, students were asked to just stand up where they were after their name was called. Each student who made the Honor Roll was given a raffle ticket for a chance to win some super cool prizes. If their number was drawn, they had the chance to win prizes such as homework passes, excused tardies, and much more. After all names from each grade were announced, honor roll students were asked to come to participate in a game of Captain’s Coming for a chance to win different prizes. “The changes to the honor roll assembly were very refreshing and I think it really got the students excited,” said Macy Schulz ‘24. 

The student advisory board suggested the games so that students were not just standing on the gym floor holding certificates. “With the changes made I think this assembly was so much better than it was previously,” said Taylor Burcham ‘24.

This year’s first honor roll assembly was a hit amongst students ,”I thought the assembly was really entertaining and I’m happy it wasn’t boring” said Ally Farry ‘26. Hopefully this inspires people to make getting on the honor roll a goal and priority in the future. “I hope that the changes to this assembly help motivate students in their school work” said Mrs. Bradbury.