Class of 2023: End of an Era


The beginning of the end has commenced as seniors celebrate their final high school moments together. They went to Shaumburg, Illinois for their senior trip on April 12th where they played golf, laser tag, shopped, and more. As their days together come to an end, they look back at all they’ve been through together and all they’ve accomplished as a class. “Looking back at the past four years, we’ve really grown and I think this was my final time realizing how much of a family we’ve become,” said Katelyn Weide. “ I know we’re all going to do great in life no matter where we go or what we do. But this place will always be our home.”


As the school year comes to an end, the Class of 2023 looks back at their time together in school. Many students have been together since kindergarten, and some even before, while others have joined along the way. However, as graduation approaches, the class has never been closer.
On April 12th, the class traveled to the suburbs of Chicago for their senior class trip. Starting off the day at Top Golf, the students bonded over their abilities, and lack of abilities, when it comes to the sport of golf. They played interactive games such as Angry Birds and tested how far they could hit the ball. They continued the fun by spending the afternoon shopping at Woodfield Mall.
Later in the day, the seniors played lazer tag which brought out some students’ true colors, and some teachers’ as well. The experience brought the class of 2023 closer than ever as their time together came to an end.

As a class, the seniors have made many major accomplishments. They won back to back homecomings during their junior and senior years. During their junior year, the theme was “Movie Genres” and the class had the genre “Sci-Fi”. Through working together, the class of 2023 was able to pull off a win. One of the most notable events from this homecoming occurred on dance night, when the class of 2023 blew out the competition with their memorable Star Wars themed dance.
This year, the senior class took another win in their last homecoming with the theme of elements. Their element was fire and they won the dance night with their nostalgic, memorable performance. At the parade, the class of 2023 showed off their prize winning float: a fire dragon. The seniors won all of the major homecoming competitions, leading them to their second homecoming victory in a row. Along with winning two out of three homecomings during high school, one of which was cancelled during COVID, the class of 2023 has made huge accomplishments in sports and academics.

The class of 2023 has numerous student athletes. Students in the class are involved in golf, football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, scholastic bowl, trap shooting, bass fishing, softball, baseball, soccer, and track – basically every activity available to them.

Many students in the class of 2023 have helped lead their teams to state while in high school. The volleyball team played in the IHSA Super Sectionals three out of their four years, the girls basketball team went to state in 2022 and 2023, and individuals in the class have gone to state and qualified for honors various times in girls and boys golf, journalism, FFA, speech, trap shooting, and scholastic bowl. However, while performing their best as athletes, the Class of 2023 has maintained above average GPA’s and proved to be widely successful in their academics.
In January, five seniors were recognized as Illinois State Scholars. Students are chosen for this award based on their outstanding academic achievement. Along with this, the class as a whole went into the final semester with an average GPA of 3.28. The hard work and dedication of these students did not go unnoticed. School counselor Mrs. Deppe expressed how much this class has impact GHS, “This class is very diversified, from actors/actresses, musicians, hockey players, athletes, wicked smart, and the worker bees,” said Mrs. Deppe, “It has been so amazing to watch everyone from their freshman year to graduation. I will really miss this year’s senior class.”

As the Class of 2023’s senior year comes to an end, many will miss them as they’ve acted as role models to the underclassmen. The seniors can walk into their futures, taking their memories of their time at GHS with them, but can always be reasuured they will be welcome back at GHS.