The School Work Has Come Back to Haunt You


As Galena High School students begin the new school year, they see many new faces in the halls, including incoming freshmen, a few new teachers and the newest leader at GHS  Mrs. Hawkins, who is also a graduate of GHS. 

GHS is welcoming the following: Ms. Anderson-Beadle, class of 2018 graduate of GHS, who is now the new English teacher. She graduated from Iowa State University, and she absolutely loves music. “GHS is incredibly fortunate to have snagged Ms. Anderson-Beadle,” said Mrs. Rosenthal. “Who better than a Galena graduate to be part of the school and English department! I guess there is truth to “Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate!””

The new Spanish teacher, Mrs. Webber-Enloe, “I am excited to get to know the students at GHS and speak and learn mucho español this year!” Said Mrs. Webber-Enloe.

 She is from Benton, WI, she also taught Spanish and English for nine years in Highland, WI.“I am thrilled to welcome Mrs. Weber-Enloe into our big Pirate family!” said Mrs. Hendricks “Mrs. Weber-Enloe and I have a lot in common! We have both grown to love the Spanish language and culture through our travel experiences, and have a passion for sharing our knowledge with our students. I know she will be a phenomenal addition to the Spanish program at GHS!”

 GHS has a new choir teacher, Ms. Stieich. She was a student teacher at Galena Elementary School before returning home to Chicago to complete her student teaching experience. She worked as a long-term substitute at East Dubuque before seeing an opening at Galena in November and that’s when she knew she wanted to be a teacher at Galena. “I found that there was a lot of community, faculty, parent, and student support for music and the arts. This is what drew me to the area” she said. 

 Lastly, a big welcome back to Mr. Suau. After he left GHS he got married, had a baby, and moved back to Galena. GHS is happy to see you’re back and gives a big congratulations on the marriage and new baby. 

Also, a big congratulations from the whole student body and staff to Mrs. Calfee on the birth of her son Barrett William coming in at a whopping 9lbs and 13oz on August 8; GHS all hopes to see you doing well and enjoying the tiny bundle of joy whenever you return from maternity leave in 12 weeks. Until then her sub has taken over the fort and has been doing great. “I was very excited when Mrs. Calfee told the school she was expecting,” said Keaton Bauer ‘23. “I could tell her announcement made everyone curious about what was to come. Fast forward from then to now, we all are happy for her. Yes, Math isn’t the same without her, but everyone at GHS is happy seeing her spending this time with her new baby!” 

At the start of the school year, teachers used homeroom time to review some policies in the building. The tardy policy was clarified for students this year. GHS students must all remember that three tardies to ANY class will result in a referral; for example, a tardy for A1 followed by A3 and A4 will result in detention; be mindful of how far your next class is and how much time you have to get there. As the tardy rules become more stringent, we must all push ourselves to arrive on time. “The hope with this tardy policy is that by clarifying the policy this year, the students will not only understand the policy but also that all classes will be able to start right on time,” said Hawkins.

For the last couple of years, students have enjoyed the pleasure of free school lunches. Now that COVID is mostly behind us, students will be expected to purchase their lunches again. “The USDA granting free breakfast and lunch to our students was an amazing opportunity for our school,” said GHS Guidance counselor, Mrs. Deppe. “While I know the world is trying to get back to some sort of “normal”, the free breakfasts and lunches will be missed.” Please make sure to load lunch money into your student’s account, all students have received their cards with their pin numbers written on them and have had several opportunities to punch them in. Thank you. The sooner debts and/or accounts are filled to avoid debt, the better. 

As we reintroduce the Pirate spirit for the new school year, students are getting back into the swing of things and looking forward to Homecoming. This year events start at the high school on September 11 with hallway decorating, and then wrap up with the dance on Saturday. Dress up days, earning points, discovering where all G’s are, having a good time, etc. Good luck to all new sports and club members, as well as the freshmen. GO PIRATES.