An Addition to the Spanish Program


Mrs. Weber shows her smile and excitement to begin teaching at GHS,”I am excited to get to know the students at GHS and speak and learn mucho español this year!” said Mrs. Weber.

This school year there are many new faces within GHS. One addition to the teaching staff this year is Spanish teacher, Mrs. Jessica Weber. Mrs. Weber was brought into the Spanish program to teach Spanish 3 and 4 because the large number of students taking Spanish became too much for only one teacher. 

Mrs. Weber is originally from Benton, WI and currently lives in Cobb, WI with her husband, Sam, and son, Hans. She previously taught Spanish and English for nine years in Highland, WI, and also taught a Workplace Spanish course for Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, WI.

This year Spanish 3 and 4 are exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays because Mrs. Weber comes into the classroom two days a week to teach. This means that in the future B days will always be Tuesdays and Thursdays. C days will look a little different for these classes as well. C days are going to be a mix of independent work and flipped instruction.  Students will use C days for independent extra practice, enrichment, and comprehensible input activities, or may receive a video from Ms. Weber with the day’s lesson. “I have many ideas on ways that students could be immersed in all the modes of language, reading, listening, speaking, and writing while working independently,” said Mrs. Weber.

Students are overall very excited to learn and continue to develop their language skills under Mrs. Weber. “Spanish has always been fascinating to learn and learning it from another teacher is just as exciting because you can obtain another viewpoint of the language that you haven’t experienced,” said Alex Oberbroeckling ‘23.