Scholastic Bowl team prepares for the playoff season


The Scholastic Bowl team goes head and head with the faculty staff to prepare for their upcoming tournament. Pictured, Evelyn Larson, Zach Ehrler, Henrey Larson, Lochlan Nowatzki from the scholastic team and Mrs. Siese, Mr.Noble, and Mr. Tancrell from the faculty. The scholastic bowl team won with a narrow stretched of 330-320. The faculty vs. team scholastic bowl was a fun experience. “They have a great team. While we all had a blast, we are ready for a rematch. We made some beginner mistakes that we have learned from and have adjusted our approach” said Watson.

The Scholastic Bowl team went up against the school faculty team Wednesday, Feb. 13, to prepare for the upcoming tournament that they will be facing.

The purposes of the Scholastic Bowl Team versus Faculty exhibition match were to have fun and to help prepare the team for playing some tough teams ahead as they go into the playoff season. The scholastic bowl team went up against the faculty team that was being coached by Mrs. Calfee and captained by Mr. Noble and team members Mrs. Bookless, Ms. Miller, Mrs. Siese, Mr. Tancrell, and Mrs. Watson.

The faculty got off to an early lead with a score of 50-40 after the third question, but then the scholastic bowl team passed them up, staying ahead 250-220 through tossup #17. “It was surprising that we got ahead of the faculty with them being adults and thinking they would know more of the questions,” said Henry Anderson ‘20.

On tossups #17 and #18, the faculty swept the questions, getting each tossup and all three parts of each bonus. Coming up after question #19, the faculty were ahead, 260-250, but after tossup #20, the lead changed hand to the scholastic bowl team holding the lead throughout the rest of the match.

Sophia Getz was the high scorer for the students, with four correctly answered tossups out of 20 heard. Additional points were scored by Evelyn Larson, Henry Anderson, Roni Skinner, and Zack Ehrler.

Faculty Mr. Noble led the teachers scoring with six out of 24. Mrs. Bookless, Mr. Tancrell, and Mrs. Siese also correctly answered tossup questions, with Mrs. Calfee, Mrs. Watson, and Ms. Miller chipping in on the bonuses.

“The match against the faculty was great practice for the team for the tournaments we have coming up, but more importantly, it was fun to show the teachers who’s boss!” said Larson.
The final score stood at 330 to 320, with a narrow victory by the GHS scholastic bowl team, and a valiant effort by all competitors. “It was a great time. Most of the teachers had never played a scholastic bowl match before, so we were learning strategy as we went. We were up against a tough opponent…one of the best teams in the state.  I’d like another shot at them once their season is over” said Noble.
The JV/V Scholastic Bowl teams will go against Stockton at home on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 4:15, following Senior Night festivities.