Tough Losses, Bigger Plans


Nothing But Net Senior, Conor Behr scores a free throw after being fouled by the East Dubuque Warriors. “Our goal is to play more as a team to help us finish the season” ,said Behr. “After two hard losses, we are preparing to win our future games.”

Last week, the varsity boys basketball team faced two hard losses against their biggest rivals, the East Dubuque Warriors. The first game was played in East Dubuque with a final score of 51-59. Following that was a home game with a final score of 50-70. While these losses disappointed Pirate Nation, the Galena Pirates have big plans to carry out for the remainder of the season to ensure the success of the team.

Sports are happening again, but with a few changes that make this season different from any other year. One of these changes includes the post season that all teams look forward to. Because of the crammed sports seasons, the post season will not be happening, leaving teams without their yearly goal of getting as far as possible. 

Senior, Jacob Townsend is one of the athletes that looks forward to playing in the post season. Without that goal, the Galena Pirates were quick to come up with a new goal. “Our main goal is to start winning games, that’s a given,” said Townsend. “There is no post season to look forward to, so that is the only thing to achieve right now.”

After putting that goal to work, the varsity boys made a comeback by winning against Milledgeville on Monday, Feb. 22.  After working hard and being down a few points in the fourth quarter, the Pirates were able to tie the game, putting it into overtime. After going back and forth with Miledgeville, the Pirates won the game with a score of 59 to 58.

Senior, Khaild Newton not only is facing the changes of playing sports throughout a pandemic, but also of playing basketball with a whole new team. Although he is new to the team, he earned a starting position and has proved himself to be an asset to the team after having 8 rebounds, 23 points, and one steal in Monday night’s close game. “This game was essential for the team. We really needed a win and I’m glad we were able to recover from our two losses to East Dubuque,” said Newton. “Nobody enjoys losing so it’s important that we play together as a team.”

After a big victory, the varsity boys basketball team will play at home against Warren on Wednesday, Feb. 24.