The Return to the Court


Working and waiting for their time, Sam Hesselbacher ‘21 puts up a shot as Ryan Holland ‘21 and Khalid Newton ‘21 get ready for the rebound. GHS basketball teams have been practicing without games for a few months before they got the good news that they would be able to start competing again. The players have missed being able to actually compete against other teams. “I just miss being able to compete with my teammates and playing in games,” said Ryan Holland ‘21. Thankfully, our teams are now back on the court playing the sport they love and GHS wishes them all the best of luck.

Good news has finally reached Galena recently. Our region has upgraded to a Phase 4 status meaning that our winter sports can begin competing. These past few months, the basketball teams have had practices but they have had a limited number of players and couldn’t scrimmage. The NUIC revised schedules last week and decided that basketball games will finally start this week. The first girls’ game is scheduled for Tuesday, February 9, and the first boys’ game is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10. “I’m so excited to finally be on the court and get back ito the game. I also can’t wait to see the growth each team will make,” said Samantha Callahan ‘23. Our spring sports schedules have yet to be finalized but they will hopefully be released in the following weeks.

The newest update is that spectators are now allowed to attend games. Each player is allowed two spectators at each home game. However, visiting fans are not allowed at any NUIC schools. Due to the absence of fans, all NUIC schools will be live streaming all games this year. Home games can be viewed on the Galena Stream YouTube channel. However, each school uses different platforms to stream so fans will need to be aware beforehand which platform they will be using as some require subscriptions. Updates about our sports will be made as more details become available. For now, Galena is excited for the return of sports and wishes the basketball teams good luck as they return to the court.