Spanish Club Cooks Ethnically


Emilee Rodriguez ‘22, Sydney Einsweiler ‘22, and Avery Engle ‘22 enjoy their delicious tacos at their Spanish Club activity on Friday, February 11. The club split up by grade to prepare four different ethnic dishes. These three senior members thoroughly enjoyed their final product. “I really liked how well the day went. It was so much fun to do this with my grade and the rest of the Spanish Club,” said Avery Engle ‘22.

On February 11th, the Spanish Club got together and made food from a variety of Hispanic cultures. Many students were excited for the January meeting because this is one of the bigger activities the club has put on. The Spanish Club was created this year, and many students are loving the activities they get to participate in. 

“I like how I’m learning more about Spanish culture even though I wasn’t able to be in a Spanish class this year,” said Ava Miller ‘22. 

The Club met in Mrs. Friederick’s room during homeroom and stayed after school. The seniors made tacos, the juniors made elote, the sophomores made guacamole, and the freshmen made salsa.

The seniors prepared many of their ingredients beforehand. The class brought in all of their ingredients, ready to go, and only had to heat them up. After the seniors had served themselves their tacos, they welcomed other grades to try their dish. Students even used their ingredients to make nachos.

 “It was really nice to have everything ready to go when we got there. Since we had all of the ingredients out, everyone could make their tacos exactly the way they liked,” said Maddy Glasgow ‘22. 

The juniors began by prepping their ingredients. Their dish consisted of mayo, corn, lime juice, chili powder, cayenne pepper, Cotija cheese and cilantro. The juniors had to work together to move efficiently in the kitchen. Some students squeezed the limes while others mixed the corn and other ingredients. After they had the dish completely prepared, they served it into cups and distributed them among their group.

“I think our grade worked together wonderfully. We split up tasks to get the food finished and we had a great time doing it!” said Julia Townsend ‘23. 

The sophomores were excited to whip together their salsa. They started by putting the tomato, garlic, and jalapeno in a blender. 

“I enjoyed working together with my group to get our salsa made,” said Ava Hillard ‘24, “It was overall a really great experience and one of my favorite Spanish Club activities so far.”

The group then added the rest of their ingredients to the blended mix and served it amongst their group. The sophomores were also willing to share their salsa with other groups. 

“It was fun to try the food that other groups had made. I really liked the sophomore’s salsa,” said Avery Engle ‘22. 

After the sophomore Spanish Club members successfully finished their salsa, they quickly washed their dishes and cleaned up their area. 

“This Spanish Club activity was really fun and the salsa was great!” said Julia Holland ‘24.

The senior boys and the freshman members joined together to make salsa. The group made guacamole. After mixing together avocado, onions, tomato, cilantro, jalapeno, minced cloves, lime juice, and salt. 

‘My favorite part of the activity was preparing everything for the guacamole and the laughs I shared with my friends. I think the guacamole turned out great, although it’s not how I usually make it, which added to the fun,”  said Sarah Bello ‘25.

Overall the day was a success. Each grade made delicious dishes that they shared with friends and classmates. 

The Spanish Club meets once a month and does activities having to do with Spanish and Mexican culture. Some other activities the club put on were painting pumpkins for Dia De Los Muertos, learning how to Salsa and other Spanish dances, and watching movies in Spanish.