Freezing in GHS


Maddy Glasgow ‘22 bundles up in the publications classroom during first hour. “I never know what to expect at Galena High School and always have to be prepared for anything” said Glasgow.

As winter closes in, students at GHS have been struggling with the inconsistent temperatures throughout the school. The temperature varies drastically between different classrooms.

The varying temperatures have made it hard for kids to know how to dress. Some rooms require more layers than others, leaving students in a difficult situation. “The climate of my classes are all very different,” said Olivia Richardson ‘22, ”I always have to bring multiple layers to school because in A2 I sit by the window and it’s freezing, but during the rest of my day most of my classes are fairly warm.”

Being too cold or too hot can also make it hard for students to focus on learning. Lots of kids find it difficult to give their full attention to what they are learning while they are uncomfortable. “It has been really difficult to give my full attention to my classes while too hot or too cold,” said Macy Schulz ‘24. 

Temperature drops also make people more likely to get sick. While going to different rooms the temperature changes a lot. Drops in temperature make people more likely to get sick because viruses can survive easier in cold weather and our bodies are not good with this sudden change. “I am worried about the temperatures around school because while in season I really don’t want to get sick or have anyone get me sick” said Addie Hefel ‘24.

The effects of the temperature changes around school cause kids many different problems. Not being able to focus may affect kids’ grades and having to decide what to wear may be stressful for students. The temperature changes in GHS have mostly negative effects that many students are beginning to feel.