The Vending Machine: It just Makes Cents


John Wubben stands next to the GHS vending machine located to the right of the teachers lounge. This vending machine has given students a great option to stay hydrated while at school. “The rising popularity of the vending machine has kept me busy restocking it,” Wubben said, “Lately I’ve even been restocking it multiple times a week.”

Imagine: You’re wandering around GHS, wondering how you can quench your thirst. You pass by the lower level water fountain and out of the corner of your eye you see a magnificent contraption filled with countless flavorful drinks. This contraption happens to be the vending machine by the teacher’s lounge. 

Many GHS students have been able to relate to this experience throughout the school year, “I never really started going to the vending machine until this year because I didn’t want any of the drinks in it,” said senior, Paeton Hyde, “But once they started putting Vitamin Waters and Bubblrs in it, I started buying those.”

For many students, the vending machine has been a source of motivation to get through each day. “I buy from it every single day,” said senior Chase Dittmar, “The fact that we can actually get flavorful drinks at school genuinely keeps me going.”

To keep this variety of drinks available to students, senior John Wubben restocks the machine.

“During my B2 class period as the Athletic Director help, I restock the vending machine,” Wubben said, “It is very helpful for Mr. Freed to not have to do it, and it also gives kids more drink options throughout the week.”

Wubben restocks the machine around twice a week to keep up with the student demand. “It feels great that I have the privilege to make people’s dreams come true,” Wubben stated. 

Many of the drinks offered in the vending machine range from $1.00 to $3.00, and this money is used to support the GHS weight room and strength program.

“The plan is to use the money from the vending machine to help support the fitness center fund,” Mr. Freed said, “We are planning on making some exciting new changes to the weight room this winter.”

Throughout the school year, the vending machine has been picking up popularity, however a few weeks ago, the machine broke.

“The other day I went to go grab a drink, and it only took dollar bills,” said senior Tanner Wienen, “This was unfortunate because I really wanted a Gatorade.”

Many students were devastated by this news, “My day to day life was greatly affected,” said senior Caleb Soat, “Usually I buy a nice, ice cold drink after gym, but with the vending machine being broken down, I couldn’t refresh my body.”

Though this period of time when the machine was broken was difficult for many students, the machine is now running properly.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the wide variety of drinks offered by the vending machine located next to the teacher’s lounge. This machine offers a great source of hydration, while also supporting a great fitness cause.