Video Game Review – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Video Game Review - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

When I first got this game a few years ago, it blew my mind on how beautiful it was. The way the game developers made shadows from the sun when you walked around and all the objects having those shadows was really cool. It added a nice small touch to the game to make it seem like you’re playing in a real world. The sun made sunsets look real with clouds in the sky; it was always pleasing to look at. One setting that made me really happy about the game was being able to take pictures with this camera item. I’ve taken pictures of some of the animals in the game while they were in the grass. What one of my favorite things is when you have a bright weapon, is that it’s color splashes across the ground. It’s a small detail that the creators didn’t have to do but still did anyway.

The combat was pretty unique with you having to find your own weapons. Weapons that are wood tend to last a shorter amount of time than ones with metal. Metal weapons tend to be a lot stronger and have a better durability to them before they break. Double handed weapons have a higher strength power, but with the cost of you not being able to defend yourself with a shield. Single handed weapons have less striking power but with the advantage of being able to hit faster and being able to protect yourself with a shield. If you got the master sword, it wouldn’t ever break from you using it. It would just go into an unusable state for 10 minutes.

The storyline was my ultimate favorite part of the game. It started out with Link forgetting who he was. He woke up to the sound of someone calling his name, which we soon find out later in the story. Her name is Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, who we don’t meet until we fight the final boss. If you collect memories of Link and her, he slowly remembers how they knew each other in the past. You would get a special ending with her saying, “Do you really remember me?”.

I always loved this game when I first got it. It made me all giddy inside whenever I could play it. Learning something new in it was so exciting that I would grin from ear to ear. If I could play it with no memory of it, I would take that chance. It’s such a comfort game for me to play. Even if it’s just a simple game that someone would simply gaze at, it made my heart and soul happy for the time I played it.