The more classes the merrier


What language are GHS students able to learn? Any and all languages can be learned through an online class provided by GHS guidance counselor Mrs. Deppe and the site Educere. 

AP and dual credit classes are excellent ways for students to advance in their college careers. Juniors and seniors are the only students who can engage in online classes, so plan ahead of time. “Online classes are offered to any junior or senior that wants it, and can be taken through an online platform or through Highland Community College,” Said Mrs. Deppe GHS guidance counselor.

Previously, GHS used Illinois Virtual School, but they disbanded in June, forcing the school board to seek new services for the students. Finally, GHS chose Educere since they offered a wide range of courses to students. These courses mostly cover the various languages that individuals speak and/or want to learn more about. 

These classes are equivalent to a typical high school class. GHS students are taking them because the classes they want to take, such as Latin, AP classes, Calc BC, and even American Sign Language, are not available at GHS. Mrs. Bookless, GHS English teacher,  keeps an eye on some of the online students who are taking classes in her classroom. Students are not in the same classes since they choose what they want to learn, you look over your shoulder from student to student and can see all the different topics presented on their screens. “It is really interesting to see each student move through their class while learning something different than the student sitting next to them,” said Bookless. Online courses are often a full year in length, with the student receiving one full credit for whatever they are completing for the online class. If they are AP, they are weighted, and the student must also take the AP test. 

There are currently 33 students enrolled in online classes. During these class times, the bulk of these students study these online courses while sitting in the GHS library, and a small group in Mrs. Bookless’ computer room during B1. “In my classroom there are students studying everything from chemistry to early childhood development,” said Bookless. These online classes can last up to a whole class session, exactly as if the student were in a conventional classroom with their peers and teacher. “I think it’s really exciting that Galena High School offers so many opportunities for our students,” said Bookless.