Does Christmas spirit intrude upon former holidays?

As much as we all love the holiday season, Christmas music and decorations are enjoyed too early. Black Friday and rushing into the holiday season takes away from Thanksgiving, which should be celebrated just as much. We should take one holiday at a time and then go full force into the next.
As you may have noticed earlier this fall, some stores in Galena started playing Christmas music as early as October.
Walmart in Galena started playing “a few songs before Thanksgiving.” Although, they never play Christmas music 24/7. But, Christmas songs were occasionally played on local radio stations before Thanksgiving.
Junior, Kaitlin Kieffer said she heard music play in stores at the Kennedy mall starting in November, and continuing through Black Friday. “It’s not Christmas yet, so they shouldn’t be playing it, they should wait until a week before Christmas,” said Kieffer.
One disadvantages of getting into the Christmas spirit too early is that it takes away from Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday too and it deserves just as much attention.
On the other hand, 20.5% of students get into the Christmas spirit early by listening to Christmas music between Halloween and Thanksgiving. 13.5% of students begin decorating at this time.
With the holiday season rolling in, it seems as Christmas comes sooner every year. Stores and families decorate early in this season, giving Thanksgiving less attention. The holiday season is an exciting time, but it has a time, and that should be after Thanksgiving. So next year wait a while to break out the Elvis Presley holiday CD.